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Get fresh weekly program to mind & body practices for easy, non-dogmatic, intuitive and effective ways to tap into your wholeness and reset and cleanse the energy in your whole being to live more fully from your Soul.

Have you been looking for a way to just get easily started with easy meditation & movement practice that honors your wholeness and your unique needs or are you interested in refreshing, exploring anew and optimizing your self care routines, you are so welcome to this space!

The weekly program is sent live and will be saved for a week at a time in a private Facebook group for paid subscribers only. Subscribers keep their spot in the group for the length of their choice of subscription (week/month).
Please note, that you need a Facebook account to sign up to the group.

Please sign up by filling and sending the form below and thereafter submit your payment via PayPal (payment details are found below). Soon after your enrollment and payment you will receive email with access to the online space where the program is shared.

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Weekly membership WHOLE & HOME IN YOUR SOUL

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